welcome to our tomato family. your tasty companions for every occasion.

cherry on the vine

Nurtured on the vine, these small tomatoes are extra juicy and full of sophisticated flavour.
A perfect garnish to your entrée.


tamatim tasties

Our small bite-sized blasts of fruity sweetness. The ultimate snacking companion, for your kid’s classroom, the park or at the office.


authentic plum tomato

Our traditional plum tomato brings flawless aroma and texture to all your sauces, stews and slow cooked dishes.


tamatim treats

Our multicultural tomato mix adds both visual and flavour complexity to every dish. A splash of colour perfect for any salad or pasta.


bold beef tomato

Our biggest tomato is mild, yet succulent and grown big, which makes it perfect to be sliced raw, for fun dishes like salsas, burgers and sandwiches.


classic tomato

Our classic tomato is a meaty and fresh compliment for almost all possible culinary pleasures.