we prefer the greenhouse. local, sustainable, high quality harvest all year round.

Closed water cycle (100%)

Our entire water supply gets ultraviolet treated and recycled. It is a colorless, tasteless, odorless and chemical free way to ensure your water supply is safe and clear of gems.

Productivity (10x)

Our greenhouse uses 10x less land than conventional farms to produce the equivalent amount of harvest.

Water savings (-80%)

Water is fed though drip irrigation, so plants get exactly what they need.

For Any Climate

The greenhouse uses a new coding technology allowing us to produce year around.

Kissed by bees

We believe in natural pollination using bumblebees who live in our greenhouse to pollinate our plants.

Short Distance (Delivery)

Our greenhouse is located in Al Ain delivering our tomatoes “miles fresher” to your table.

Year-round supply (365 days)

The use of coding technology allows us to produce our tomatoes 365 days per year compromising neither on quality, nor on taste.

In-house Nursery (On Site)

We have our own propagation facilities to produce quality seedlings in the Greenhouse

Full Service (One Source)

We facilitate and manage all processes from growing seedlings, to production and marketing in-house. Allowing our tomatoes to arrive miles fresher from our farm to your table.