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Produced responsibly in the UAE by Al Dahra BayWa

our story

At Al Dahra BayWa we are a joint venture established in 2018 between Al Dahra Agriculture LLC, a prominent leader in agribusiness based in Abu Dhabi and BayWa AG, agriculture, energy, and building materials trading and services group headquartered in Munich, Germany. The groundbreaking project is a major producer of premium tomatoes. Under the Mahalli brand, the company has become the largest supplier of locally produced tomatoes in the UAE.


our local greenhouse

With our Abu Dhabi greenhouse we are right in the heart of the UAE market. This allows us strong and direct connections to our customers through our established local network and experienced partners. We attentively keep an eye on the market to meet consumer’s demands at its best. Our private retail brand “mahalli” perfectly reflects our efforts and mission and is a guarantor for consistent high quality and delicious taste.


Al Dahra BayWa is known for using sustainable and innovative farming techniques within 12 hectares of its modern farm facility located in Al Ain. The company raises the bar in sustainable farming using resource-saving and hygienic processes, integrated plant health management, and state-of-the-art greenhouse technologies. Its production facility meets European-quality produce and international certification standards. Al Dahra BayWa produces and harvests fresh-tasting tomatoes daily and distributes them on the same day


natural pollination keeps bees busy

As well as being home to the growing of fresh produce, our greenhouse is home to bumblebees that pollinate our plants naturally. They're very busy bees - they have a 99.99% pollination rate and can visit 10,000 flowers per day.